True Silence Is Deafening

I’m a lot more settled and a lot more comfortable this time around.

I always told myself, that if I am to be with anyone, I want that person to help me grow, to stimulate me and culture me

that’s exactly what Demarius has and continues to do for me

I think the only way I ever could be with anyone is if there was an established bond there

the relationship I have with him now, beyond the romance of it all, is a friendship, one of my most cherished

our friendship has evolved over the course of four years, and has been through hell and back, pre and post dating

Every emotion thinkable has been felt at some point

anger, sadness, regret, jealousy, confusion, happiness and ultimately love

I was worried, so worried, that once he graduated I would never see or hear from him ever again

not that I’m entitled to have him anyway

what I adore most about our connection,
is our honesty with one another and our silence

we share so many memories where we talk and talk and talk about nothing and everything simultaneously, and within an instant the room is cloaked in silence

I like that it’s not stale or awkward or suffocating

I like that we don’t always have to speak to communicate

we don’t have to touch to feel one another

I know what I want from him, I know what I want with him

I know what I want to grow in us

and even though we can’t see the future, I would stand in harms way to get that, to be there one day with him

to take on his name, to pick wall paints together, to carry our child, to fight over remotes and wake up at dawn for flights

all these things and more are what I see and want for us,

but above all else, I want for the silence to remain calm and our love strong



So I might be more than a little gay for The Weeknd and Childish Gambino.


Sweatpants - Childish Gambino

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youcantseemyinsidefeels: Aw thanks! I've been practicing how to draw men and their faces are more defined, usually, so my iPod camera actually picked it up as a face! Woo hoo! Hopefully I'll be able to draw men from now on. ^__^

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